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Call Gulf countries and over 140 other destinations at a fixed rate. Now you can be in touch with your family in UAE,...

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  • What is VOIP?

    • VoIP stands for "Voice over IP" or "Voice over Internet Protocol." It uses the Internet and data networks to send and receive calls and faxes. Because it uses your existing high-speed Internet connection instead of telecom copper network, it offers great savings on long distance and international calls.

  • What is PSTN anyways?

    • PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).
    • Simply, this is just your regular telephone network which most people around the world are already using. You make calls every day from your phone at home through the regular telephone network (PSTN).
    • With Swiftfone services, you can make phone calls through the internet to anyone on the PSTN for low rates.
  • Do I need to press the country code and the area code even if I make a local call?

    • Yes, you will need to start with the country code and the area code on all calls since our service is basically designed for international and long distance call users.

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  • What is an IP to IP phone call?

    • An IP phone call is just a call that's made over the Internet as opposed to one made over the traditional telephone network. An IP to IP phone call is a call that's made from one IP Phone to another strictly over the Internet which allows for faster connections and quality sound. An IP to regular phone call is a call that's made from one IP Phone to a regular phone anywhere in the world. The quality is great and sometimes better than the traditional telephone.


  • Do the people at both the source and the destination of the call need an IP Phone?

    • The person that's making the call is the only person that needs an IP Phone. However, if a call is placed using the IP Phone to another IP Phone, the call is free no matter where the source or the destination of the call is. If a call is placed using the IP Phone to a regular phone, there is a low rate that is applied.

  • How do I make an international call?

    • Just dial the country code, area code, and lastly the phone number. For example, if you are making a call to London , United Kingdom , you would dial:
      44 (country code for UK )-207 (area code for London )-XXX-XXXX (send button).

  • What are the rate?

    • This depends upon your plan. You can visit our services page


  • Who provides the IP Address, Gateway Number and the Subnet Mask Number for my location?

    • Your broadband service providers will provide you with this information. Contact your local broadband service provider.
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