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  Argentina 0.99 Paisa
  Australia 0.99 Paisa
  Austria 0.99 Paisa
  Belguim 0.99 Paisa
  Canada 0.99 Paisa
  Chile 0.99 Paisa
  China 0.99 Paisa
  China Mobile 0.99 Paisa
  Cyprus 0.99 Paisa
  Czech Republic 0.99 Paisa
  Denmark 0.99 Paisa
  France 0.99 Paisa
  Germany 0.99 Paisa
  Greece 0.99 Paisa
  Hong Kong 0.99 Paisa
  Hong Kong (Mobile) 0.99 Paisa
  Hungary 0.99 Paisa
  Ireland 0.99 Paisa
  Israel 0.99 Paisa
  Italy 0.99 Paisa
  Japan 0.99 Paisa
  Luxembourg 0.99 Paisa
  Malaysia 0.99 Paisa
  Netherlands 0.99 Paisa
  New Zeland 0.99 Paisa
  Norway 0.99 Paisa
  Portugal 0.99 Paisa
  Puerto-Rico 0.99 Paisa
  Singapore 0.99 Paisa
  Singapore (Mobile) 0.99 Paisa
  Spain 0.99 Paisa
  Sweden 0.99 Paisa
  Switzerland 0.99 Paisa
  Taiwan 0.99 Paisa
  Thailand 0.99 Paisa
  United Kingdom 0.99 Paisa
  US Virgin Islands 0.99 Paisa
  USA 0.99 Paisa
  Vatican City 0.99 Paisa
Around the world @ 0.99 Paisa
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Our services
Welcome to!

Swiftfone is the VOIP service of SwiftMail Communications Limited, a Class A Internet & Telephony provider in India with presence across nation in more than 50+ locations. Swiftfone is the ideal service for home users, corporate, call centres or any other user to communicate effectively and efficiently with people around the world.

Our vision is to provide our customers economy in cost & the highest quality in their voice communication requirements. So go ahead and experience the advantages of Swiftfone’s premium calling card & corporate voice solutions.

Residential Call Center
PCO Enterprises
Our services
Arrow Zero start-up cost. No hidden costs
Arrow Quality premium routes for all customers
Arrow Auto fallback with multiple routes for redundancy
Arrow Dedicated 24x7 support on MSN, Yahoo, Rediff chat, email and phone
Arrow All H.323 & SIP standards supported
Arrow Call from home, office or cell phone
Arrow Online account management feature
Arrow Unlimited plans for regular users
Arrow Hassle Free and economical Installation
Arrow Device to Device (CUG) option available at rock bottom prices.